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Recent Yelp Reviews

“I am so happy that my son Leo is part of this phenomenal experience, an entre’ into the world of acting and creative self-expression. By practicing the art of acting and cultivating his full range of emotional expression, Leo has achieved a sense of self-awareness and insight into his behavioral choices. He is able to say, “I can act!” I give props to the entire crew at 3-2-1 Acting. Ms. Mae and her one-on-one approach with my child opened doors for him that lead to self-initiated commitment to his work at the studios. Ms. Holly’s unconditional positive regard toward my child and family members has been a steady source of support.”

– Levon S.,

“We first met Ms. Mae back in 2011. My two kids started their acting classes with her and after their Talent Showcase with agents they signed with top notch agencies and immediately started to work. Since then I recommended 4 other kids and each of the 4 have all signed with agencies after the showcase.

That’s 6 for 6 that signed!

Two, including my son, are now SAG, another child is at an acting conservatory, but best of all six are still working.

My youngest is still going to classes with Ms. Mae and because of her start with 321, she has expanded her interest to stage, voice overs and musicals.

Ms. Mae and her teachers impress upon you at this early age to be passionate about what you do, to have confidence, and to go out there and get things done!


You may have seen my son on this commercial with Kevin Durant.

– Glenn M.,

“I’m updating my previous review because two years after writing it, I am still just as happy with the coaching and support available at 3-2-1 Acting. My second daughter is now taking classes as well and she is loving it! I’ve seen tremendous improvement in my older daughter as she has continued her training there over the years.

What really stands out about 3-2-1 aside from the professional training, is how the staff truly cares about the kids. Ms. Mae and her team are always available to encourage, advise, and help in any way they can. They never forget their students and even if your child hasn’t taken class in a while, they will treat him/her like returning family. I’ve sat in the waiting room countless times and watched older, returning students visit and be greeted with warm hugs and excited smiles.

I think having so much experience in this tough industry has given Ms. Mae a heart for making sure her students always have a safe place to land.”

– Lucy S.,

“Best acting program ever been too!!
You guys deserve more than 5++ STARS
The staff is very professional and treats you like family.
My daughter enjoyed and learned a lot from instructors-real present actors.
This program help my daughter to build her confidence!! The showcase experience was Awesome!!! I highly recommend!!!:)
Thank you Ms. Mae from 321 Acting Studios. You guys ROCK!!!”

– Elsa C.,

“My son started with 321 studios last Fall 2015 and began attending the classes. We noticed an immediate improvement with his skills and confidence. The staff at 321 studios have been very supportive and encouraging. After a few months, he attended the Showcase presentation. It has been a great experience. He just signed with a great agency and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you 321 for your continual support!!!”

– Craig T.,

“The acting program and Showcase programs were wonderful experiences for our son
He loved going to acting class and loved Showcase.
Both the acting classes and showcase experience really helped our six year old son build confidence in himself.

We went to an open house for a school and when he introduced himself to the head of school, he greeted him and gave a firm handshake and looked the principal in the eye when he did so. The principal was impressed.

Ms Mae and her staff are polite, genuinely warm and friendly and truly work with you and your child to bring out the best in them. Plenty of praise and encouragement for all!

In the showcase program, 321 Acting Studios does an excellent job at preparing not just the children to meet with agents and managers, but educates and prepares the parents as well and they are always available to answer questions and concerns about any and all aspects of the Showcase

I highly recommend 3-2-1 Acting Studios!”

– Chris S.,


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Recent Google Reviews

“We love this school & the staff!! They have been very professional in getting everything my son needed like a resume,headshots, and a reel.”

– Adrena Dashian, Google

“Fantastic experience that will benefit my children in countless areas of their careers and more importantly their lives. Positive , enthusiastic, professional staff and awesome learning experience .”

– Michelle Campbell-LaRock, Google

“3-2-1 Acting School has been an amazing experience for both my son and my daughter. They look forward to Wednesdays (their class day) all week. All of the employees are so nice and really go the extra mile to answer any questions that you might have. If your kids are interested in acting or if you want to learn more about “the biz” and don’t know where to begin, this is the place. Ms. Mae the owner is such a beautiful, kind soul. She is so sweet with the kids and teaches them so much. She really makes it fun. My kids just finished the showcase program last Saturday and have already been contacted by multiple agents. I feel like 3-2-1 has prepared the kids for the next step if their acting career. We drive almost 2 hours each way weekly to come to class and it is absolutely worth it! Special thanks to Ms. Mae, Ms. Francis, Holly, and Natasha!!”

– Mendy Leyendecker, Google

“Simply the best! Ms. Mae and her staff are so friendly and helpfull. 3-2-1 Acting Studios has given my daughter self esteem and confidence. The instructors are professional working in the industry. My daughter has learned so much in such little time. After participating in the “Show Case” program we got call backs from agents. We are continuing her training here, for sure!!”

– Luis Santos, Google

“I want to thank Ms. Mae and her staff for all of the work that they do at 321 Acting Studios. They are “Top Notch” in my book! My daughter is a current student at 321. I am very please with what she is learning at 321. From day one I felt welcomed by Ms. Mae and her warm and friendly staff. So much so that I am willing to transport my daughter a hour to sometimes over a hour to get to her class. That is how good they are at 321 Acting Studios! If you are looking for acting classes to take, make sure to add 321 to your list!”

– Toni Rainey, Google

“321 Acting Studios honestly deserves 6 stars. The teachers and staff in general are incredible. Despite the many students at 321, they still get to know each kid individually. I have learned so much here, met amazing people, and received some great headshots! 321 has also given me the opportunity to not only meet with many agencies but sign with a top one. It’s the perfect place for those who want to pursue their dream of acting but don’t know where to start.”

– Victoria N., Google


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Recent Facebook Reviews

“321 Acting School has been a great partner in getting my child’s acting career started. If you are ready to jump in and commit to this ever expanding business, then 321 Acting School is the place for you and your child to begin.”

– Kelly Fisher Fitzgerald, Facebook

“I cannot thank 321 for their support and dedication to my son, Daniel. I was unsure if I wanted him to pursue acting, but I gave in and brought him to this amazing school. He not only just signed with an amazing agency, but there was another benefit that he received that I did not realize and that is CONFIDENCE. It completely built his confidence. Again, thank you for your continual support of Daniel heart emoticon”

– Maria Tweedy, Facebook

“Mae Ross is an incredibly knowledgeable, wise, caring and uplifting teacher and mentor to all of her students. She has provided me with incredible insights as I build my career and brand as an actor. I would recommend her classes to all young people wishing to get started in the industry. Her classes are open to all levels, and she makes each and every student feel right at home!”

– Carrie Daniel, Facebook

“I’d honestly say The Greatest Quality school ever!!! You’ll develop Confidence skills, which will help you anywhere you set foot in life, great knowledge in Industry, and developing characters that’ll open up doors for anyone in the industry, There’s alot to say, but I’m out of words I would just highley recommend everyone to sign up”

– Aram Khorenovich Abrahamyan, Facebook

“Victoria Nea: 321 Acting Studios honestly deserves 6 stars. The teachers and staff in general are incredible. Despite the many students at 321, they still get to know each kid individually. I have learned so much here, met amazing people, and received some great headshots! 321 has given me the opportunity to not only meet with many agencies but also sign with a top one. It’s the perfect place for those who want to pursue their dream of acting but don’t know where to start!”

– Janice Tam, Facebook


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