Colby Jensen


“My last audition for a commercial, I got my lines there, just like they taught us at 3-2-1-. Getting lines like in TV1 class—you get them, you go out and work on them, and then you do it. Learning lines fast.  It’s a lot like how it really is.  I learned to always expect a camera to be there, like in the audition, and that helps, just in case, and I learned that at 3-2-1-. And confidence, working with different people.  Just always stay positive and have fun with it.”

— Colby Jensen

Colby Jensen recently completed his Acting Career/Showcase Program at 3-2-1- Acting Studios in Los Angeles to prepare for a professional acting career.  Colby is now represented by Robin Nassif at Media Artists Group Talent Agency and IMPACT Artists Group management company.

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